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About WeSocialCOMMUNITY.

Founded from its purpose.

WeSocialCOMMUNITY is founded from its purpose: to bring communication from the heart to the world. We believe in the value of meaningful relationships. We will co-create the tools people need to meet and open-up to new people and themselves. We will demonstrate how to let go of limiting beliefs, strengthen social, emotional and spiritual skills and create more meaningful relationships. We know, because we’ve been there. The founder Robin Kastermans transformed after trainings with mentors throughout Europe from a guy who believed he was shy and felt alone to a social man who shares his life with others. It is his vision, mission and purpose to share these, and other, life experiences to empower people to find their own meaningful path in private and professional life. Together with his colleagues, who empower people too or the community in other ways, they contribute to a world where we, in our vision, all connect and share ourselves as one. WeSocialCOMMUNITY is the umbrella of WeSocialWOMEN, WeSocialMEN and WeSocialORGANIZATION.

Robin Kastermans.